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Why disappear when your house is shown?

One of the hardest things about selling a home for many people is the inconvenience of having to desert their house at a moment’s notice. And while most Realtors try to give as much notice as they can, that’s not always possible.


Sure, you can insist that appointments to show your home be scheduled well in advance, but such a strategy would seriously curtail the number of prospects who see your home and likely lengthen the time it takes to sell. For most agents, who have to make the most efficient use of their time, scheduling homes would create an inconvenience they simply avoid by skipping your home and showing others.


Other reasons to disappear
Staying home also makes homeowners feel like intruders and less receptive to fully appreciating your house. And by staying, you make the home more crowded and help underscore that it is still your home, making it hard for buyers to picture it as theirs.


Giving your escape a little thought in advance can greatly easy your inconvenience. Is there a local coffee shop or bakery you can take the family to for an evening treat? How about taking the kids to the park? If you absolutely have to stay put, try to stay out of the way and don’t move with buyers from room to room. Don’t volunteer any information but truthfully answer any questions that are asked.


Let there be light – and lots of it
If you know someone is coming to tour your home, turn every light in the house on. If it’s evening, turn all your outdoor lights on, too. At night, lights create a homey atmosphere when viewed from outside. And during the day, they brighten dim areas and prevent shadows, giving the interior a cheery look.


Don’t run to get the Lysol or other scented sprays to cover smells when visitors are expected. Many find the smell offensive and often they combine with the original smell to create something even worse. The best defense against smells is to eliminate them at their source by thoroughly cleaning your house. Then if you still want a pleasant and subtle smell, you might use a potpourri pot. Or heat a burner on your stove and put a drop or two of vanilla extract on it.


Controlling pets
If you’re a pet owner, make sure your Realtor puts notice of pets in the MLS listing. Otherwise unsuspecting agents showing your home may let your pet out. Since pets can be disruptive to a showing, it’s best if possible to get them out of the house while it’s being shown to a backyard pen or a quick trip to the park. If you have indoor cats, keep them in a single room with a sign on the door alerting anyone to open it with care. And by all means, empty the litter box if it’s needed.


The kitchen trash
Few things in your home can smell as much as your kitchen trash, especially if the trash can has no lid. Be sure to empty it and all other trash cans anytime the house is being shown. Empty trash cans leave buyers with a positive image. Sure, there’s furniture in it, but nobody actually lives there.

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